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PIA / OpenVPN & PeerBlock Bogon!

So if you happen to be running PeerBlock on your system, do NOT use the Bogon block list if you want to use Private Internet Access (PIA), here’s what happened to me:

PIA started taking a long time to connect. PIA was slow to start. I then noticed that even though the tray icon was bright green that my status was not protected. My IP was being leaked. So I started digging around into the logs and I found this gem:
Warning: route gateway is not reachable on any active network adapters

PIA support wanted me to reset my TCP/IP Stack but when running netsh int ipv4 reset and netsh int ipv6 reset (by the way, I suggest both of those and not just the single “ip” for Windows 8 and newer) I was getting permission errors saying Access Denied.

I found this forum post that helped me to correct that issue: netsh int ip reset registry permission fix in case anyone else runs across this website on a related search.

Anyway, nothing worked. I couldn’t get OpenVPN or PIA to connect correctly. Log story short, Bogon list…

PIA’s tunnel uses private IP addressing and PeerBlock was blocking the incoming traffic.

The more you know…

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